Consultancy Services

Our integrated solution includes biodiesel consultancy services.

  • Setting up supply chain (Sourcing Biofuels, Establishing Dispensing Facilities, Sourcing Vehicles, Maintenance & Performance Management).
  • Developing strategic plans to differentiate in global markets.
  • Advisory on regulatory requirements in India for Biodiesel businesses.
  • Establish quality assurance procedures and testing of fuels.
  • Networking with the industry professionals.

Eco Friendly Fleet Management

Earth-100 is a supply chain solutions provider to companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint by using greener fuels. We provide Green Solutions in a Box. The company operates fleets of cars and offers SVO (Straight vegetable oil) kits that run on 100% biofuel and provides management services for covering the entire operations chain for its customers. This includes supply and dispensing of fuel, maintaining and servicing the vehicles and also tracking car performance for its customers.

SVO Kits

We provide a simple neat and compact unit to convert the vehicle allowing it to run on Biofuel, standard diesel, or a mixture with a simple twin tank solution.

  • At end of the day the system is purged with diesel to prevent any waxing of the injectors as the engine cools. The vehicle is then ready for normal operations the next day.
  • Biofuel with no loss of power or MPG.
  • The unit combined with our proprietary additive technology mitigates any viscosity, filter plugging and injector nozzle carbon build up issues normally associated with Biodiesel.
  • Plant based engine oil.
  • A converted engine that becomes a dual fuel unit. In the event that Biofuel is not available the main fuel tank can be filled with diesel with no impact on engine performance or the conversion system.